Gold instructor classic quotations

Gold instructor is our fourteen battalion three platoon leadertube amp, saying the nickname for small gold. Compared to the "riffraff" and "Adorable" instructors, instructors probably may seem like he won "most popular". This special person to record some classic quotations for a memorial.
A, English Discourse
Mr gold love say English, other instructors shouted "one two one" when he shouted "one two one\", the other the instructor said, sit down, he said that the partial sit down, usually down is omitted, we're getting slower than other row two beat. Other instructors praise we speak, we will say at sixes and sevens criticism. And he praised we will yell out beautiful, criticism we will reluctantly shouted: Oh
No \ "and no pull long, like the last sound opera la.
Two, the reduplicated word article
Often sing when I was a child rhymes "sit, eat fruit fruit" a sentence has two reduplicated words. But compared to gold instructor reduplicated words are used, this is more than a little? All training and related action including use of reduplicated words in his superhuman imagination. He said go go go, do a good job is to do a good job, good is good station station, is shouting loudly shouted ring... One day in the future who hold a reduplicated words using the competition, I think the first non old gold HKUE DSE.
Three, text.
Small gold has graduated from junior high school, but we can never look down upon others. Because it is the idiom but about perfection in one's studies. Although commendable courage but really is a bit misleading. See we can't walk and he lamented: "walk a mess! "By the way, don't touch the forehead shake one's head and sigh Car Insurance. When we call the number he would boost the morale shouted: "shout, desperately to I shout, scream your lungs out! "......
Four, theory
Gold instructor head is not high, the theory has many. For example we play is non let us go, asked him why, he be poker-faced answer: "two words, domineering! "Dress right foot step non to our efforts to tap, his reason is" if you at the foot of a bug, you stamped out, it die happy. You gently stamp will only make it more painful hemiplegia. "


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