Holding a snowflake, let miss forever

The snowflakes falling, in in the winter wind tangled her dance, goose feather, flying a piece, stay in the branches, perched on the tip of brow.
Please give me a cup of clear spring, moisten my withered heart; please give me a winter cold, let me hug tomorrow spring; please lend me a white snow, let Miss forever.
The long winter long, you have not seen the Montreal brown, branches bare, only the thick white snow will branches dress, rising heart of little ripples in the swirling snow slowly blooming, the endless miss, at this moment was the cold winter wind twist, let you suddenly want to recite a poem heart, will miss him gently crooning, let her fly with the wind, let her with snow dance, let her fall on the white earth arms.
Holding a white snow, in the palm of your hand, quietly will her up in front of you, she is like a treasure in the palm of your hand, she is so pure, beating a trembling heart in front of you, she is so fragile, as if a fog will disappear in your eyes, is that life is short, just let me know how to cherish, only the long time to melt her posture, her beautiful shadows cannot be erased from my mind, leaving a yearning for her full, only this missing has been falling in my heart.
Holding a white snow, this is a handheld small poem, meaningful flow length, pulse will miss into your heart, this is a life poem, she comes from heaven, will bring the world the beauty of the paradise, with a slice of white himself, a piece of pure for countless care. When you forget the cold, enjoy and her in the white world of dance, you will find her beauty, this beauty is not to feel with the hand temperature, but with the touch of warmth.
Holding a white snow, she is a warm smile, not because of the cold in winter you neglected to discover the charm, not because the winter monotone you miss the quiet and pure, it is because of the cold in winter, have this charming snow, she sticks her head in. In the field, she on your brow, you see, she was bright smile, because it is her world, because this is her love, don't need in appearance, does not need to moisten the Qianqian rain, do not need to an expressive language, some just a piece of white, a pure heart.


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