Without knowing how, be passionately devoted

With summer approaching, more hot weather. On the street, feel the air is moist. Back to the dormitory, was sweating, physical and mental anxiety. Just want to have a close contact with cold water, when cool and water across the cheek, heart feeling relaxed many, also quiet a lot. At that moment, I have only one idea, water is moist and inner satisfaction to share with my friend -- text.
Maybe you and I are the same, have what thing, the first time, is to love and to share the joy of heart, or share the sadness in the heart. Lover? The next moment, I was shocked by his idea, originally, in my heart, already had the character figure, yes, I have fallen in love with her.
Perhaps, every company has already become a habit, that, had not deliberately want to position text in my heart. In fact, a lot of people, a lot of things is such, when love, love to the hearts, love to the depths of the soul, is unaware of it, but there is always a moment, for a tune, a look, or an idea, and suddenly discovered, own heart, already lost in some a time ferry.
A bumpy road, the hard way. I and words of love, is a long and tortuous. First met, I to he can use fear to describe. Since his arrival, I am compelled to give up playing time to play, and all were in the small classroom. The dull words make me feel bored, letters to me, "is the visible, abstract concepts can't touch.
I think, he is no chance with the text. I'm just his pedestrian, and she, also is my traveler. No further relations between us. I often walked into him, and it is impure motives. Just want to find her, can use the value, to get a substantial fraction of.
Over the past ten years, I still can't comprehend words wit. Sometimes think, he is as the existence of God, full of unknown, it cannot fathom, have no bottom. Sometimes think, he is a gentle spring breeze, gentle charming, can eliminate fatigue, refreshing, but the wind had no trace. Sometimes think, he is from the hell demons, specially sent to torture me, just want to get out as soon as possible, from the pain.
Finally, I went out of the classroom, the end of the heavy academic pressure, to obtain the freedom of the soul. I don't have to deliberately into the text, search hard one's value, in order to obtain the approval of others. I think, their professional and text is no intersection, then, should be strangers.
However, the fate is always so subtle, an inadvertent encounter, I was the elegant poetry shock, the elegant ethereal picturesque attraction, is convinced that free rhythm, the original text is so profound, mysterious, so afford much food for thought, so fascinating.
It saw the Qing Yan, bye bye love. I walk in the dust of a plain butterfly, it had no intention of staying, but in retrospect, a glimpse into the text, the city, unable to extricate themselves, also don't know the way. Without knowing how, be passionately devoted. Since then, every text and became the I can not give up the habit, her world is so fascinating, he can always be full of wit and humour, naturally or half unconsciously to take me to another state, give me unlimited happiness and surprise.


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