Reflect light, tender heart

Space time Enron, silence, alone at the crescent moon, will faint Acacia into the distance, will be full of attachment to shake off the shadow of A. Looking at the beautiful moon, remember how much each other warmth, sigh what handle warm, lifted much heart longing!
Lonely world of mortals, smile to meet, since then, let their cocoons, tied a feelings, only for your stupid lingering. First, he decided that you are my life to look forward to, is waiting for my Millennium silence. Say, there is a kind of induction enduring as the universe. Say, a reincarnation. The vast alive, perhaps because the dream is still a riot of colours, perhaps because can not refuse the sun sweating, maybe just because can not let go somewhere in the silk Lvlv attachment. Ding Dong well into spring thoughts, how many bad statement with love and fantasy into a beautiful butterfly, crossing the waters, through the Qianshan, hope in the world draw a colorful picture of you. The natural tacit understanding, the Fruits fall off when ripe. natural, let each imprint is engraved on my heart. But, the millennium time, such as water fleeting time, those left feeling through the miserable encounter in this life, cycle time between scattered, scattered locations. A love final spectrum not sung century harp, a cavity no regrets just tired if Qing Yan water. The wet paper notes, in whose heart, wet whose eyes?
The graceful, Acacia misty, years and you spend the sea shore. To those who live, those nostalgic, carved into the heart, ring a The End of Life forever. Idle away one's time, when no longer, to write the book on the moon night, the regretless compose one after another smile or tears, any time a quiet, Du I half obsession!
Such as water moon, to send, whispered, just like a dream. Remember I am your few world lost a lotus pond, flower world, much coveted, much envy. You're not coming, the bay water, the swirling air, lonely as partners. The wind solo, dragonfly Li Di, Xia Yu. Watching the clouds, rain, time and never annihilate a waiting heart.
People are hurrying to and fro., life cycle, heard much praise poem, seen much rhetoric, lotus is proud to stand, not to utter a single word, occasionally by moonlight overlooking the clear dust shadow, in the bottom of my heart repeat the Millennium wish, hope when he met the most beautiful that pair of simple eyes, that to look into the depths of the soul at a glance.
The summer wind, you slowly, light cast a stone, it has aroused the heart of microwave energy. Haughty body charming dance, eyes blurred, go the dance. Beautiful blooms in music, singing, my love, just for you, faint fragrance, that flowing long hair, for your light Ju Yipeng water as I fell, I run several world of loneliness; only hou you touch lotus petals gentle listen Millennium mind, comfort my endless sorrow.


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