Maybe this life

I do not know since when, like in the dim, chewing Acacia taste. Maybe this life3638.png
, they do not have beautiful woman. Because if contaminated with miss the people, heart will full of endless sorrow and obsession.凹凸洞
The quiet with a thin cool, is the early winter night. Always in the windy, realized the warmth, lounging autumn has passed. I want to try to grasp the finger balance of warmth, but always in vain.
Miss the taste, is elegant summer wind, gently blowing rice. Sweet and sad, always arranged in a crisscross pattern.
Holding a song, turn to turn to, find into the heart of the sentence, then a few. "The dream into the Jiangnan Yanshui Road, go south, not with the people in the world." come and go, always affects your heart, eyes closed, the busy and lonely years in this sample, the bleak winter fade away.
Perhaps, in life there are always a few people, will walk into his world. Do not want to use too much time to guess, which really, what not? This world's troubles, may be due to the fate. If can choose, want to do a, pear tree, stunning and independent woman. Ask the dust, not for worldly distractions winding.
How can ignore this season the biting cold? If the heart can carry the spring warm and fresh.tom ford sunglasses
Love in the lonely time, miss a old time. Night and sent the injury situation, what the enemy? Star boundless. Looking out the window at the depression of the scenery, will feel an instant old a bit. Gray sky, gray mood.
Once, as poetic woman. Have one mind drunk fleeting, comfortable elegant Enron. No desire and demand too much, dull day, such as water and feelings.
Now we, have lost the original pure heart.
Together with the good companions, inadvertently look back, only to find that I do not know when, have each lost in the years of crossroads. Some romantic themes story, we can only guess at the beginning.
July 7th night, hope to the stars promise wish you a long life. But the hustle and bustle of the world, how many fashionably dressed men and women oath drifting in the wind. The original beauty, is the spring in the branches of the pear. We didn't go picking, relentless wind and rain, will have their blows to the stranger.
Perhaps we are anxious, too persistent youth, in my heart left heal injuries. The total in the pen, kept silence now plain water of life, think oneself, also have the love with vigour and vitality.樓按
The meaning of life is probably an infinite loop, how much hope, there will be many incomplete.
In a All sounds are still. night, in between the last kiss printed on white paper, into paper airplanes thrown in the air. The air in the glabella heart missing, gone with the wind.


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