Holding a snowflake, let miss forever

The snowflakes falling, in in the winter wind tangled her dance, goose feather, flying a piece, stay in the branches, perched on the tip of brow.
Please give me a cup of clear spring, moisten my withered heart; please give me a winter cold, let me hug tomorrow spring; please lend me a white snow, let Miss forever.
The long winter long, you have not seen the Montreal brown, branches bare, only the thick white snow will branches dress, rising heart of little ripples in the swirling snow slowly blooming, the endless miss, at this moment was the cold winter wind twist, let you suddenly want to recite a poem heart, will miss him gently crooning, let her fly with the wind, let her with snow dance, let her fall on the white earth arms.
Holding a white snow, in the palm of your hand, quietly will her up in front of you, she is like a treasure in the palm of your hand, she is so pure, beating a trembling heart in front of you, she is so fragile, as if a fog will disappear in your eyes, is that life is short, just let me know how to cherish, only the long time to melt her posture, her beautiful shadows cannot be erased from my mind, leaving a yearning for her full, only this missing has been falling in my heart.
Holding a white snow, this is a handheld small poem, meaningful flow length, pulse will miss into your heart, this is a life poem, she comes from heaven, will bring the world the beauty of the paradise, with a slice of white himself, a piece of pure for countless care. When you forget the cold, enjoy and her in the white world of dance, you will find her beauty, this beauty is not to feel with the hand temperature, but with the touch of warmth.
Holding a white snow, she is a warm smile, not because of the cold in winter you neglected to discover the charm, not because the winter monotone you miss the quiet and pure, it is because of the cold in winter, have this charming snow, she sticks her head in. In the field, she on your brow, you see, she was bright smile, because it is her world, because this is her love, don't need in appearance, does not need to moisten the Qianqian rain, do not need to an expressive language, some just a piece of white, a pure heart.

Without knowing how, be passionately devoted

With summer approaching, more hot weather. On the street, feel the air is moist. Back to the dormitory, was sweating, physical and mental anxiety. Just want to have a close contact with cold water, when cool and water across the cheek, heart feeling relaxed many, also quiet a lot. At that moment, I have only one idea, water is moist and inner satisfaction to share with my friend -- text.
Maybe you and I are the same, have what thing, the first time, is to love and to share the joy of heart, or share the sadness in the heart. Lover? The next moment, I was shocked by his idea, originally, in my heart, already had the character figure, yes, I have fallen in love with her.
Perhaps, every company has already become a habit, that, had not deliberately want to position text in my heart. In fact, a lot of people, a lot of things is such, when love, love to the hearts, love to the depths of the soul, is unaware of it, but there is always a moment, for a tune, a look, or an idea, and suddenly discovered, own heart, already lost in some a time ferry.
A bumpy road, the hard way. I and words of love, is a long and tortuous. First met, I to he can use fear to describe. Since his arrival, I am compelled to give up playing time to play, and all were in the small classroom. The dull words make me feel bored, letters to me, "is the visible, abstract concepts can't touch.
I think, he is no chance with the text. I'm just his pedestrian, and she, also is my traveler. No further relations between us. I often walked into him, and it is impure motives. Just want to find her, can use the value, to get a substantial fraction of.
Over the past ten years, I still can't comprehend words wit. Sometimes think, he is as the existence of God, full of unknown, it cannot fathom, have no bottom. Sometimes think, he is a gentle spring breeze, gentle charming, can eliminate fatigue, refreshing, but the wind had no trace. Sometimes think, he is from the hell demons, specially sent to torture me, just want to get out as soon as possible, from the pain.
Finally, I went out of the classroom, the end of the heavy academic pressure, to obtain the freedom of the soul. I don't have to deliberately into the text, search hard one's value, in order to obtain the approval of others. I think, their professional and text is no intersection, then, should be strangers.
However, the fate is always so subtle, an inadvertent encounter, I was the elegant poetry shock, the elegant ethereal picturesque attraction, is convinced that free rhythm, the original text is so profound, mysterious, so afford much food for thought, so fascinating.
It saw the Qing Yan, bye bye love. I walk in the dust of a plain butterfly, it had no intention of staying, but in retrospect, a glimpse into the text, the city, unable to extricate themselves, also don't know the way. Without knowing how, be passionately devoted. Since then, every text and became the I can not give up the habit, her world is so fascinating, he can always be full of wit and humour, naturally or half unconsciously to take me to another state, give me unlimited happiness and surprise.

Reflect light, tender heart

Space time Enron, silence, alone at the crescent moon, will faint Acacia into the distance, will be full of attachment to shake off the shadow of A. Looking at the beautiful moon, remember how much each other warmth, sigh what handle warm, lifted much heart longing!
Lonely world of mortals, smile to meet, since then, let their cocoons, tied a feelings, only for your stupid lingering. First, he decided that you are my life to look forward to, is waiting for my Millennium silence. Say, there is a kind of induction enduring as the universe. Say, a reincarnation. The vast alive, perhaps because the dream is still a riot of colours, perhaps because can not refuse the sun sweating, maybe just because can not let go somewhere in the silk Lvlv attachment. Ding Dong well into spring thoughts, how many bad statement with love and fantasy into a beautiful butterfly, crossing the waters, through the Qianshan, hope in the world draw a colorful picture of you. The natural tacit understanding, the Fruits fall off when ripe. natural, let each imprint is engraved on my heart. But, the millennium time, such as water fleeting time, those left feeling through the miserable encounter in this life, cycle time between scattered, scattered locations. A love final spectrum not sung century harp, a cavity no regrets just tired if Qing Yan water. The wet paper notes, in whose heart, wet whose eyes?
The graceful, Acacia misty, years and you spend the sea shore. To those who live, those nostalgic, carved into the heart, ring a The End of Life forever. Idle away one's time, when no longer, to write the book on the moon night, the regretless compose one after another smile or tears, any time a quiet, Du I half obsession!
Such as water moon, to send, whispered, just like a dream. Remember I am your few world lost a lotus pond, flower world, much coveted, much envy. You're not coming, the bay water, the swirling air, lonely as partners. The wind solo, dragonfly Li Di, Xia Yu. Watching the clouds, rain, time and never annihilate a waiting heart.
People are hurrying to and fro., life cycle, heard much praise poem, seen much rhetoric, lotus is proud to stand, not to utter a single word, occasionally by moonlight overlooking the clear dust shadow, in the bottom of my heart repeat the Millennium wish, hope when he met the most beautiful that pair of simple eyes, that to look into the depths of the soul at a glance.
The summer wind, you slowly, light cast a stone, it has aroused the heart of microwave energy. Haughty body charming dance, eyes blurred, go the dance. Beautiful blooms in music, singing, my love, just for you, faint fragrance, that flowing long hair, for your light Ju Yipeng water as I fell, I run several world of loneliness; only hou you touch lotus petals gentle listen Millennium mind, comfort my endless sorrow.

Designer Handbags Worth

However, if you wish to buy something that will combine quality with functionality while retaining both aesthetic and monetary value, you will need to put some thought and research into buying. Of course, it will have to be something that you like, but it may not be the latest handbag your favorite designer has produced.

Some people may be able to afford a new bag every season to keep up with the trends, but most of us are not in that place. That is why the designer bag that you end up buying needs to be at the same time timeless and fashionable. There are a few designers that make handbags that fit the bill - Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, to name a few.

These designers aim to produce a range of handbags that will remain fashionable precisely because of their design. You may fall in love with the color of the season, but more often than not, the color will fall out of fashion. You would be better off going with a classic color. Bright green may be passé in a year, but tan and black never will. You will always be able to fit them into your wardrobe, and there will always be a pair of shoes or boots that match.

Color is not the only reason. Think about your needs. Do you need a bag for work or something fabulous to take out in the evenings? Very likely you will need both. Buy something that will cover a whole spectrum of needs, from business to private, from casual to formal. The more you can use your handbag, the better value it becomes. Timelessness is a reason here again, as such handbags can be used everywhere and anywhere. Designer handbags are timeless; the designers themselves wanted them to be that way.

Finally, consider the quality. The thing about genuine designer handbags is that they are always of supreme quality. They were made to perfection to satisfy the most discerning customers. Even if you do not consider yourself a perfectionist, there is no reason why you should not own a bag made for perfectionists. A handbag worth the price will last a long time. A well-made designer handbag will make you smile, both because it looks gorgeous and because it is the pinnacle of functionality.

Maybe this life

I do not know since when, like in the dim, chewing Acacia taste. Maybe this life3638.png
, they do not have beautiful woman. Because if contaminated with miss the people, heart will full of endless sorrow and obsession.凹凸洞
The quiet with a thin cool, is the early winter night. Always in the windy, realized the warmth, lounging autumn has passed. I want to try to grasp the finger balance of warmth, but always in vain.
Miss the taste, is elegant summer wind, gently blowing rice. Sweet and sad, always arranged in a crisscross pattern.
Holding a song, turn to turn to, find into the heart of the sentence, then a few. "The dream into the Jiangnan Yanshui Road, go south, not with the people in the world." come and go, always affects your heart, eyes closed, the busy and lonely years in this sample, the bleak winter fade away.
Perhaps, in life there are always a few people, will walk into his world. Do not want to use too much time to guess, which really, what not? This world's troubles, may be due to the fate. If can choose, want to do a, pear tree, stunning and independent woman. Ask the dust, not for worldly distractions winding.
How can ignore this season the biting cold? If the heart can carry the spring warm and fresh.tom ford sunglasses
Love in the lonely time, miss a old time. Night and sent the injury situation, what the enemy? Star boundless. Looking out the window at the depression of the scenery, will feel an instant old a bit. Gray sky, gray mood.
Once, as poetic woman. Have one mind drunk fleeting, comfortable elegant Enron. No desire and demand too much, dull day, such as water and feelings.
Now we, have lost the original pure heart.
Together with the good companions, inadvertently look back, only to find that I do not know when, have each lost in the years of crossroads. Some romantic themes story, we can only guess at the beginning.
July 7th night, hope to the stars promise wish you a long life. But the hustle and bustle of the world, how many fashionably dressed men and women oath drifting in the wind. The original beauty, is the spring in the branches of the pear. We didn't go picking, relentless wind and rain, will have their blows to the stranger.
Perhaps we are anxious, too persistent youth, in my heart left heal injuries. The total in the pen, kept silence now plain water of life, think oneself, also have the love with vigour and vitality.樓按
The meaning of life is probably an infinite loop, how much hope, there will be many incomplete.
In a All sounds are still. night, in between the last kiss printed on white paper, into paper airplanes thrown in the air. The air in the glabella heart missing, gone with the wind.


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